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The Reason that Rubber Products Cause Air Bubbles

      Dongguan Han Xiang Rubber Products Co., Ltd. Main metal and rubber shock cushion, pad and other rubber products, support custom processing. Because it is the production of rubber products, so we have some problems in the production process, accumulated its own experience and some methods. For example: in the production process produces bubbles, how should we do?

1, most of the reasons may be raw materials, we have also had a similar situation, for another batch of material like; or else is exhausted when not lined up (for reference)

2, rubber mixing to increase the number of its thin pass, to avoid air residue

3, vulcanization machine suggested to use vacuum forming machine, injection molding to avoid the entry of air

In the injection molding, the bubble problem is very common! The main reasons are:

1, the material itself, the raw material in the rubber, the air is wrapped around the material inside, resulting in the process of processing, materials and air into the mold together, if the mold did not add exhaust slot or processing is not set exhaust process , The air is easily trapped inside the mold, making the product produce air bubbles or pores.

2, the machine when the material in the storage material, screw in the coiling material, the air will be involved in the machine

3, is also a matter of material, that is, the material contains more water.

4, processing, injection of material too fast, the formation of turbulence, resulting in the production of bubbles!

In the production of rubber products in the bubble more or less will occur, which requires our production staff always pay attention to check the quality of products, timely detection and problem solving, to avoid raw materials, time waste, cost and delivery time.



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